6 Things Every Yoga Studio Website Must Have

Bruce Mackay
Jun 4, 2021 12:20:00 PM

The year 2020 made it clear that the future of all businesses will be digital—and your yoga studio is no exception! 81% of people look up products and services on the internet before making a decision. Discover how to design an effective website that will stay with your target audience long after they leave the site!

Responsive Design

With the increasing popularity of yoga, the number of trainers and studios has rapidly increased in the last few years. So, how do you make your brand stand out among your competitors? Maintaining your presence in the marketplace is easier with a website that combines aesthetics with usability. Additionally, 9 out of 10 internet users access information via their smartphones. Therefore, mobile optimization is a priority.

Accurate Information

Your website must contain all the information potential students are looking for. From address and contact information to course details, schedules, and instructor bios, you need to provide your target audience with clear, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Effective SEO Strategies

Organic is always better—and this applies to your website visitors too! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be a long-term game, but it pays well. Higher search engine rankings directly translate to increased trustworthiness and brand credibility. Put in the time and effort into your SEO strategy, and watch those clicks turn into calls!

Engaging Blogs

Informative blogs are not just great for SEO but also elevate your brand credibility. Satisfying the internet’s curiosity about nutrition, health tips, types of yoga, and more can help you boost your relationship with potential students and increase conversions.

Attractive Video Content

The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with videos. So, leverage the power of video marketing with aesthetically pleasing and informative promotional videos. You can even invite well-known yogis and yoginis to guest star in instructional videos for more quality leads.

Clear Call to Actions

Your audience is now right where you want them to be—on your website engaging with your content. What’s next? Never forget that the primary goal of your website is to convert visitors into clients and students. Start by adding direct and enticing CTAs across pages. Make it easy for students to contact you by providing them with contact forms, email, and phone numbers.


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