Top 3 Ways To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Bruce Mackay
Mar 10, 2021 3:57:00 PM

Whether your business is new or well established, promoting your business online can be a big learning curve for someone starting out. Is social media even that powerful? What exactly would be the benefits of social media for your business?

With billions of users worldwide using social media every day, it has become an important first step in targeting qualified leads and establishing your brand.

While it is important to be on social networks, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Here are 3 top ways to grow your business through social media.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

Now that your website has been launched, it’s time to attract visitors. While SEO and keywords are important to getting your business found by search engines, you probably did not know that social media also plays a key role in grabbing your target audience’s attention.

Start by creating a profile on social platforms that are relevant to your business, and begin leveraging them by sharing engaging, relevant content that will attract users.

An effective social media strategy will compel your audience to travel through your post to your website, and discover your services or products. Try to make this journey effortless. You can do so using an effective call to action on your posts and blogs, so your audience can quickly see, share, and like your content.

Check Out Your Competition

It may seem odd to check out your competitors' websites and social media, but it is an awesome way to keep tabs on them and get inspired for your next social post! Pick up a magnifying glass and inspect the type of content they are posting, and how they are engaging with their audience in the comments section. Notice any trends?

Social media is a safe and effective way to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, harness this knowledge, and create a unique strategy that will help you stay on top.

Strengthen Your Brand’s Online Authority

People buy from brands they recognize and trust to deliver quality products and good customer service. Social media gives you a platform to gain your audience and search engine’s trust through regularly posting relevant and trustworthy content.

You will begin to win some major brownie points and become a trusted source for knowledge in your particular niche while also being Google’s go-to authority for any related topic.

The higher your authority becomes, the higher you show up in reach results, and the more traffic you will see on your social media and website.


Are you looking to make a splash for your business through the power of social media, but not sure where to start? Contact Yoga Marketing today to speak with an expert and fast-track your success.

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