8 Benefits Of Landing Pages For Your Wellness Brand

Aimee Williamson
Nov 3, 2021 2:49:47 PM

Landing pages are useful to any business! They have some of the highest conversion rates and they provide your brand with some amazing benefits. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the top 8 ways that landing pages can help your business.

1. First Impressions

Your landing page is most likely going to be the first interaction a customer has with you. Having an optimised and responsive landing page will leave a good impression on the customer forever. 

2. Promote Your Offers

Whether you teach yoga or sell skincare, landing pages allow you to showcase everything you have to offer. We recommend having a landing page for each product/service you sell. (Remember that landing pages are typically separate to your main website)

3. Generate Leads

You can get creative with the ways that you collect email addresses on your landing pages, for example you could create a helpful PDF and give it out for free but the user must submit their name ad email address.

4. Build Your Mailing List

If you are struggling to create a PDF for lead generation, why not add a ‘subscribe to newsletter’ form to your page. This will allow you to buil your contacts list and send content directly to their inboxes.

5. Increased Traffic

Your landing pages will start ranking on search engines such as Google! With the help of some SEO, your pages will rank with your chosen keywords. The higher up the ranking you appear, the more online traffic gets directed to you! 

6. Increased Awareness

Even if the users who land on your page don’t convert into leads, they have still been made aware of you and your logo. You never know, they may keep you in mind for the future! 

7. Know What Your Customers Want

Through the use of ‘heat maps’ and analytics you can figure out what it is that makes your audience take action! You can take the extra step and A/B test your pages. From images, call to actions and even headlines! 

8. Achieve Your Goals

No matter what your end goal is in your business, a landing page (or a few landing pages) can help you achieve them!

I hope that this short blog has helped you understand how landing pages can work for your business! No matter what sector of wellness you are in, landing pages are important to your overall strategy.

If you need help setting up a landing page, click here to learn more

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