4 Tips To keep In Mind When Setting Up Live Yoga Classes

Bruce Mackay
May 10, 2021 11:30:00 AM

Now more than ever, people have been drawn to the benefits of online sessions, whether it be for learning a new skill, meeting with colleagues, or improving your wellness. 

This unique situation has opened up a larger potential for new clientele. Stay-at-home parents, folks living in rural communities, and those with busy lives can fit a live feed class into their schedules more easily than traditional in-person ones. 

Just because these meetings are online, does not mean you should skimp on quality. It is important to give these classes the right feel and to make them comfortable both for you as you film them and for the participants who attend them. 

Are you interested in starting your very own live stream? Here are some helpful instructions on how to set up your studio for live yoga classes.

Keep It Simple

It is difficult to focus on the instructor if your studio is busy with clutter or equipment. You should clear everything out of the camera view that is not needed for the class. Be aware of your background and declutter your walls as well. If you are filming in front of a mirror, take note of what it reflects to the viewers. Angle the camera to capture only what it needs to and nothing else.

Keep It Bright

It is important that your viewers can see the instructor well. Natural light may be more comfortable for an in-person class, but it may be too dim for a video. Be sure your studio has additional light to allow clear viewing of the instructor and the poses being shown. LED and dimmable lighting can both be helpful.

Keep It Audible

Another aspect to be aware of is noise. You want the viewer to be able to hear the instructor but not too much background noise. Are the neighbors louder during certain hours? Is there heavy traffic noise? These are things that can determine when you film your class. Use a mic to amplify the speaker if necessary, but be sure to position it where it will not pick up distracting noises such as the rustling of clothing.

Keep It Fun

You have a yoga studio because you believe in its benefits for yourself and others—so do not sweat the small stuff about your live feed classes. Just keep the class as close as possible to what an in-person class would be like at your studio. If you're enjoying yourself during the class, your students will enjoy it too.


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