5 Tips for Marketing Your Yoga Studio to Different Demographics

Bruce Mackay
Jul 6, 2021 3:30:00 PM

Yoga studios often serve a wide range of people, including athletes, pregnant women, and the elderly. Yoga can also be appealing to people of different races and cultures within your community. This broad demographic is wonderful for building a varied community, but it can present a challenge when it comes to marketing. With these tips, you can make a yoga business appealing to people from many different demographics.

Use Diverse Images in Your Social Posts and Digital Ads

One of the easiest ways to help customers connect with your yoga studio is to diversify your marketing photos. Include people of different ages, genders, and ethnicities. Consider adding posters in other languages if you have international communities in your area. It's also important to use photos of people of different races, sizes, abilities, shapes, and fitness levels. When potential customers can see themselves reflected in your marketing materials, they're more likely to feel a connection to the studio. In a competitive market, this strategy will set you apart immediately—many studios use models from a narrow demographic.

Vary Your Class Offerings

Take a look at your class calendar: is there an option for every level? Varied class offerings are a great way to make your yoga studio more appealing, particularly if you want to attract beginners. If your schedule is tailored to advanced practitioners, consider adding a few restorative, senior, or foundations classes to the list. Then, make an effort to highlight the different types of classes on your social media pages, flyers, and website.

Go Where Your Customers Are

Different demographics tend to use different media platforms. As a business owner, you need to find those channels and establish a presence. A senior citizen might look for yoga classes in the newspaper or on a bulletin board in a senior center; a younger person is more likely to do a quick Google search for local yoga studios. Other places potential customers may look include Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, local radio stations, or online event calendars. If you're not sure, do a quick poll of your current clients to find out where they get information about local classes and events.

Try New Marketing Tactics

When you want to broaden your yoga studio's appeal, try some new tactics. Make a YouTube channel, invest in Facebook ads, or consider working with local influencers. For a more personal touch, you might offer a free yoga class in the park on a Saturday morning, put up a booth at the farmers market, or sponsor a local event. If you’re struggling to get started with your marketing efforts, the team at Yoga Marketing is here to help.

Partner With Complementary Companies

Partnerships are a great way to reach new audiences in your community. Health and fitness businesses are a natural fit; partner with a local natural-food store to put on a health fair or work with a local gym to offer special "yoga for runners" or "yoga for weight-lifters" classes. If you're targeting a high-income demographic, offer to host a wellness series for a local law firm or hedge fund. You'll get access to a new group of potential customers, and the business will get the benefit of your expertise.


With a few tweaks to your marketing strategy, you can make your yoga studio more appealing to a wide range of demographics! To learn more about how to amplify your marketing efforts, reach out to the team at Yoga Marketing today. We specialize in providing yoga studio owners and teachers with the tools and skills they need to stand out from their competition and attract new students.

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