5 Ways To Support Your Community and Boost Your Image

Bruce Mackay
Jul 27, 2021 2:00:00 PM

A yoga studio is intimately involved in the health and wellness of a community. If you're looking to strengthen those ties, why not take your community-building efforts outside of the studio? By finding ways to support the people and businesses in your area, you can build a reputation as a strong, positive force for good.

Sponsor Local Events

Local events are almost always in need of sponsors — community theaters, youth groups, educational organizations, and other non-profits always welcome support from local businesses. If your studio has the extra funds, try donating to a few different groups. They'll appreciate the support, and your generosity will build a sense of goodwill in the community. They may also feature your studio’s name on their own social media or newsletter, too!

Volunteer as a Group

If you don't have extra funds for sponsorships, consider donating your time. Organize your yoga teachers and front-desk staff, and volunteer as a team. Start by reaching out to local non-profit groups, and ask about upcoming volunteer opportunities. You might help out with a neighborhood cleanup, for example, or serve holiday dinners at local nursing homes. Local festivals, health fairs, and major events often put out calls for volunteers; you can hand out water at a marathon, set up a community food festival, or help out with a fundraising gala. Whenever possible, wear T-shirts with your yoga studio's branding for extra visibility.

Promote Other Small Businesses

Do you run the social media profiles for your yoga studio? This is a great space to share posts from other small-business owners in the area. Focus on companies that are relevant to your clients: health food stores, sporting goods stores, restaurants, gyms, and other fitness studios. Your audience will love the opportunity to discover new companies—and the other business owners will likely reciprocate the attention and share your studio on their own accounts.

Shop Local

Shopping locally is a great way to make your dollars count. If you're hosting an event at your yoga studio, don't order supplies online—drop by the local store and bakery to get what you need. If you're building a yoga library, ask an independent bookstore to order the materials you need. It costs a little bit more, but it's well worth the expense to keep money flowing around the community.

Host Events for Local Children

As a yoga studio owner, you have an important resource: knowledge. Use your experience and wisdom to benefit local children — host a yoga workshop for kids at the library, or offer a summer class at the community center. Find out about local children's festivals or events, and volunteer to lead a few sessions during the day. You'll promote health and wellness in the community and build a strong reputation at the same time.


When you go the extra mile to get involved in your community, you can raise the profile of your yoga studio among current and potential customers. Over time, that accumulated goodwill builds a strong foundation for a lasting business. If you need help boosting your yoga studio’s marketing efforts, the team at Yoga Marketing is here for you! Reach out and get in touch with us today.

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